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Sub:  Conference / Seminar / Symposium organization in collaboration with 'Research Culture Society'.

We welcome your conference / seminar organization, in association / in collaboration with  “Research Culture Society”.

Our system of collaboration for conference / seminar / symposium is simple and easier. As per collaboration offer university/institute has to follow our Conference / Seminar programme norms and guidelines. After collaboration we also promote conference / seminar event on our websites and social media as well. 

Our society website link :  http://   research culture society . org        (search in google)

We have published 50 + conferences / seminars successfully in association / in collaboration with different Universities / Institutions.

Observe details of our Conference/Seminar programme page link :     http://  researchculturesociety .org/ conference-seminar-programme/         (search in google)

International level Publication options: 
1) International Referred, Peer-Reviewed, Indexed (ISSN) Journals with high Impact FactorJournals available on our website.
2) ISBN Book (Print / online). 

Benefits of the tie-up with us.:-
  • Technical support in organization and administration for conference / seminar / symposium
  • Free promotion and advertisement on our 3 websites and on social media can increase the number of participants. 
  • Institute can invite our scholarly society members as Key Notes speakers / Guest members / organizer committee members.
  • Conference/Seminar selected papers as a special/proceedings issue with ISSN. Publication charge per paper: Rs.700 to 1000 INR. / $ 15 to 40 USD  (as per number of authors) Concession of approx. 40% in publication.
  • Conference/Seminar special issue or proceedings with ISBN book hard copy in Rs. 300  to 600 INR / $ 15 USD per book.  (as per number of pages and book copies).
  • Provide ISSN special issue publication with free e-certificates. 
  • Published special issue is widely open for all over the world countries, anyone can access and read published papers from special issue file.
  • Published special issue will be indexed in Google, Google Scholar, Scribd, Mendeley, Academia, ISSUU, Internet Archives etc.
  • Our society also invite and sign MoU with educational and other research institutions for events and academic exchange and cooperation.

If your institute wants to collaborate for CONFERENCE / SEMINARpapers publication and promotion, send brochure PDF.

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Research Culture Society and Publication
International ISSN Journals and ISBN Books Publisher.